Poster Drawing Competition on Global Warming

cloudOn the 24th of January this year, Bhumi Kolkata had organized Eco Anko: An Interactive Poster Drawing Session for children to raise environmental awareness. The children belonged to the Kasba centre of The Hope Foundation India’s Kolkata chapter, which was also the venue of the event. The initiative was undertaken with the kind co-operation of the Rotaract Club of Heritage Institute of Technology. The session started early afternoon at 1:00pm and went on for the next couple of hours. The ambience was vibrant and alive, and the children were buzzing with energy and fresh ideas.

hopeIn this planet we share, resources to support human civilization are getting exhausted due to rampant, unsustainable industrial practices and gross over-consumption, the ominous shadow of man-made climate change looms over the future of us all. With the session’s main focus on raising ‘environmental awareness’, the kids were divided into groups and were given themes such as air pollution, global warming, afforestation, etc.
neededThe children came up with creative depictions on the issues, like a little girl who took the urgent need for afforestation. She drew dark, menacing factories in the left of her composition in contrast with a giant, smiling tree that overwhelmed the right half. The dark pillars of the chimneys with darker smoke billowing out from the top eerily evoked the shapes of green trees, but as if in photographic negative – sinister shadows in a world turned upside down.

A little boy drew two earths as smiley faces, except that the left face was overrun with factories and urban sprawls and had it tongue out, panting for breath. The right one still had its green cover mostly intact and was smiling broadly.

saveThere were other posters – one decrying vehicular pollution through smoke and noise, while another invoking the Indian tricolour with pride in calling out to save our nation’s trees.

It was a rare experience for all of us in Bhumi Kolkata to participate with such energy alongside the children and our enthusiastic collaborators. We all went home from the session with joy in our hearts and a renewed faith to strive ever harder for a better and a greener future.

Volunteer Den – Dinesh

Briefly tell us about the first time you were engaged with Bhumi.
I was enrolled as a child in the Bhumi Kanini (Computer) programme back in 2008. It was a time when I had both interest and curiosity, because I had seen a computer before but I never had the opportunity to use a computer before. The ‘Annas and Akkas’ of Bhumi started teaching me about using a computer for the first time. I was able learn quickly, and I gained interest and enthusiasm because of their teaching methodology.

my gurus

My volunteer-teachers from Bhumi

How did the learnings of Bhumi help you with your higher studies?
Taking a look at my family situation, it did not look promising that I could study more than class 10. But the volunteers pointed out my heightened interest in computer and advised to give a second thought to pursue my education. I decided I should at least take up a diploma course with my 10th exam marks. My near and dear ones suggested to take up electrical engineering, instead I took up computer engineering in a polytechnic following my interest. Normally the Bhumi volunteers taught basics of MS Office basic in the classes, but after I started with my diploma, the volunteers had taken a step further by gifting me with the necessary course books.

I didn’t study the diploma for the sake of marks or for a certificate, I wanted to gain in-depth knowledge about the computer sciences and understand to the extent that I should be able to teach others and share my knowledge. I was encouraged further to pursue higher studies and suggested even with difficulty to take educational loans and study. I can say that now after having completed my engineering has been because of the belief entrusted in me by the Bhumi volunteers. Because of this reason alone, I can proudly state that Bhumi will always be a part of my life.


Years back, with my friends and volunteers from Bhumi

How are you associated with Bhumi now?Bhumians inspired me and provoked my thoughts, and pushed me to do the same things for others whatever they did for me. In 2011, once I started studying engineering, the volunteers suggested that I can start volunteering and took classes for children whenever I had time. I found a new happiness when I started teaching as I realized the impact that I was making; aside from teaching about computers, the fact that the kids were able to relate to me, a government school boy who brought about a change in his life, made them understand easily that they can ensure their future should not fall into ill ways as well. I am more than elated to state I’ve been inspired by Bhumians and that I have brought inspiration to children as well. I’m glad to be part of this family now, my association with Bhumi has become a habit and I do it without any obligation, and I will continue to volunteer for long.

taking class

At the centre, but as a volunteer-teacher.

Tell us about your future goals.
Today, I have completed the advice given in class 10 by the volunteers, and now I look forward to a promising future. My ambitions independent of Bhumi are two-part; Firstly, I wish to be a successful software engineer and secondly, I wish to fulfill my childhood dream of helping underprivileged children. Given my current family circumstances, I plan on working hard and earning a livelihood for my family, thus I am seeking to get a good job and become a successful person in life. Once I achieve this, I will pursue with teaching kids happily and peacefully.

Your message to fellow Bhumians and volunteers.
Though Bhumi volunteers have come and gone, some have definitely inspired a kid like me more than mere education. These kind of inspirations, though few in number, have created a lasting impact. Similarly I seek to inspire other children, and I am hopeful to hear more stories such as mine, a student turned volunteer and an aspiring successful person.

Thank you Bhumi!

Nakshatra Sports 2015-16, Chennai

CHE NAK 160207-04947th Feb, 2016 marked the inter-home sports fest day organised by Bhumi. This event witnessed participation from many orphanages and shelter homes in and around Chennai. The event provided a platform for children to exhibit their talent, athletic prowess, and develop sportsmanship attitude. Coming from a lesser privileged background, these children hardly get any exposure to sports and this event essentially gives them that opportunity and plays a major part in helping them explore their talents.

CHE NAK 160207-0159Looking at the statistics of the event, the numbers look incredible. Kids from over 48 homes poured in for the event, of which 12 of the homes were participating in the event for the first time. A Nakshatra record-breaking 1290 children participated in the event. The event was made possible because of the efforts of 240 volunteers. This year the sports fest was hosted by Agni College of Technology, a spacious area helping cover all events such Indoor, Outdoor, Track, and Field.

The event day commenced 9:00 am, quickly all the kids were provided with a sumptuous breakfast followed by a brief photo session for each home. The venue sported a tent erected to provide seating arrangements for the kids and duly the inauguration ceremony kicked-off at 9:30 am with the grand tradition of lighting the torch, which was passed around in short lap by student representatives of winning homes of previous years. Shortly after this Mr. Ayyanar, co-founder of Bhumi, delivered the inaugural speech with anecdotes drawn from his personal life and soon the crowd was submerged in his words of wisdom, setting the tone for the day.

Referees for the event consisting of some of the prominent students from the Tamilnadu Sports and Physical Education University presided over the ceremony. Their constant encouragement and their fair and unbiased judgement throughout the event were exemplary for the students. They showed true passion for the game as they patiently described the rules for each game and oversaw the proceedings of the day with their knowledge and expertise.

CHE NAK 160207-1973Children, both boys and girls, participated in three categories – Juniors, Seniors, Super Seniors. 100m, 200m, and 400m race followed by the most anticipated track event – the relay. Field events including shot put, long jump, and high jump, saw enthusiastic competition. The outdoor events showed the maximum energy and loud cheering with events such as Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Tennikoit, Volleyball, mini-football, shuttle badminton, and throwball. Simultaneously the indoor event saw quiet sporting among the kids with Carrom and Chess.

The day’s events progressed in quick succession and the kids were kept entertained with various fun activities as well. Each home were assigned two volunteers, who primarily attended to the task of guiding the kids to respective game venues, with children’s safety and welfare given the utmost importance.

As the day came to an end, Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Executive CHE NAK 160207-1781Director of Bhumi graced the occasion and carried out the announcement of the winners. Soon the medals and certificates were distributed to the winners of the events. The valedictory ceremony was headed by a distinguished guest, Mr. Ashok Balasubramanaian, an accomplished badminton player having represented Tamil Nadu and India. He delivered a speech with much fervour to a high spirited crowd. He lit the minds of the children and volunteers alike by signifying the importance of sports, the spirit of sportsmanship, and fuelling a passion for developing sports talent in the kids.

The crowd now ever so zealous, awaited the announcement of the Overall Best Home Performance awards. Dr. Prahalathan carried out the announcements, and ecstatic kids of winning homes raced up to the stage and bagged their award gleefully. The prize distribution ceremony was completed by 6.00 PM and with the vote of thanks delivered, the day came to a conclusion.

CHE NAK 160207-2179It was an eventful day, for both the children and the volunteers. Smiles and grins brightened the evening, and laughter and giggles resonated in the air, as the children waved off goodbyes to the volunteers and other homes. Nothing was amiss as they parted ways, only treasuring the memories and bid adieu with bountiful happiness. On the other side, a profound sense of belongingness and nostalgia lingered around the volunteers as they wound up after the day’s events exhausted with a sweet sense of satisfaction and contentment. Alas the months of their preparation had to come a grand finish and they stated with pride the success of the event.

The Nakshatra meetings date back to early December when the flood relief activities were being carried and the volunteers started focussing on this simultaneously. The event was discussed on a regular basis and updates were shared with all volunteers. Mutual understandings were drawn upon frequent meetings with the coordinators and the event was planned out. A first of its kind, this Nakshatra saw the release of a Nakshatra Anthem, an upbeat song capturing the spirit of Nakshatra.

CHE NAK 160207-1437Moving on to acknowledgements, Bhumi on behalf of all the children and the homes that participated, and volunteers, shares its heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors and donors whose support and contribution has made a huge difference to this event’s success. Right from Agni College of Technology for providing their space for the venue, Eco Kitchen and Greenways Restaurant, T. Nagar for providing Breakfast and Lunch, the companies and colleges who supported by providing their buses for commute to and fro to the venue, and to all donations and funds which have helped in procuring the necessary materials and in organising the event. We are thankful to all our well-wishers for their prayers and belief in us, because of whom the event was a resounding success.

Ignite Fest New Delhi

IMG-20160207-WA0025Delhi woke up to wet streets on Sunday, the 7th of February – always a welcome sight for Delhiites. But in a city where there’s always something happening, an unannounced shower is bound to rain on someone’s parade – or in this case on the children’s event. In the courtyard of the Katyayani Balika Ashram in Jhandewalan, a handful of volunteers stood with upraised heads, alternatively contemplating the grey sky and the steadily soaking tent. Bhumi’s Ignite Fest was to be held here in Delhi for the first time and nobody expected it to begin this way.

IMG-20160207-WA0032Our volunteers are not anything if not resilient and after a bit of discussion everyone got to work to ensure a successful event. Soon the children from the Rajendra Ashram Centre arrived with their models for the science exhibition. They were joined a while later by the girls of Katyayani Ashram. The rain had faded to a near-constant drizzle that kept everyone on their toes and the all-important projects were smuggled to the safety of the tent by the volunteers. Soon the tent was full of energy and bustle, with 67 kids and 22 Science volunteers running around to complete their projects – applying the final touches to their models, transferring stationary across the tent; this was a big day and a little water was not going to dampen any spirits. And so, when the projects had been laid out, positions taken, presentations rehearsed in bright little voices, nametags decorated and pinned, volunteer didis and bhaiyas tracked down to clear final doubts, the rain had stopped and the sun could be spotted working its way out of grey clouds. The Fest was finally underway.

IMG_20160207_145542020_HDRThe visitors had arrived! As curious little faces of children from other foster homes, college students and adults began to fill the tent, the volunteers stepped back and let the children take centre-stage. The visitors walked through the exhibit learning about Greenhouse gases from one group, about the Nitrogen cycle from another, and about the human body, its digestive, and circulatory systems from a third before being transported into space to learn about the planets from a fourth group. Other groups gathered crowds as they demonstrated and explained the revolutionary principles behind items such as the simple torch, the impressive Hydraulic lift and the dazzling kaleidoscope. Happy little voices explained to their captivated audience the wonders of electricity as they worked their model radios and generated electric currents from magnetic fields.

IMG_20160207_133102696_HDRThere, in a damp tent and under grey skies, the children had somehow managed to fit in the whole world. The science projects traversed the gamut – beginning with the exhibits on the planet and the solar system it revolves in, they then zoomed in on detailed models of the human body and the wondrous internal systems that sustain it and then onto the projects that showcased the wonders of science harnessed by us humans. It is probably safe to assume that every one of the 65-odd visitors left the exhibition having learnt something new.

By the afternoon the skies had cleared and the visitors were thinning out. After a hearty lunch and the last few rounds of exhibiting their models to the final few visitors, the event was brought to a close with the distribution of certificates to the children and the science volunteers – recognition for the hard work they’d all put in over the last month, working with each other and learning from each other, to bring about this successful and satisfying event. And that’s how the day ended – with loud cheers and congratulatory claps, joyous shouts and calls for “group pics” & “selfies” emanating from a little red tent in an ashram in Jhandewalan, under a clear and sunny sky.



(Bhumi Volunteer)

Volunteer Den – Suriyanath S

SuryanathA little about yourself (origin, education, past work experiences)
I am Suriyanath from ‘Singaara Chennai’. I commenced my schooling at CSI Ewart matriculation higher secondary school, and graduated at Kannada Sangha higher secondary school. My passion towards practical learning led me to pursue a Diploma in Electronics & Communication at Murugappa Polytechnic College as a Lateral entry. Then, with an intention to delve deeper into electronics, I joined Engineering at SSN College of Engineering. I cannot simply express my gratitude towards my parents, for the tribulations they encountered to provide me with quality education from premium institutes, which indeed fueled my career in an R&D firm of Alcatel-Lucent, which is now Nokia. My hobbies comprise of a long, dynamic list with its contents defined by my whims. This is reinforced by my belief in the principle, “Do what you love and Love what you do”

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen (including beginning, which project you volunteered for)?
While on a casual solitary walk at Broadway (a Commercial wholesale hub in Chennai), I felt belittled upon noticing families on the street sides, devoid of proper clothing or hygiene. I felt an instant urge to do my bit towards eliminating poverty in the society. Then, on further introspection, I understood that poverty was a direct consequence of illiteracy, which could only be eradicated if intervened at the genesis. This sparked in me the thought of volunteering.  My college mate, Nithin, who had once mentioned that he was a part of Bhumi, an organization that encouraged volunteers to educate kids, inspired me to join hands with the same. I instantly made a phone call, and attended orientation on the very next day. I feel grateful for that kindling walk at Broadway.

My zeal for science and the awareness of my competence in the same led me to join Bhumi as an LES (Little Einsteins Science) volunteer in November 2014. I could only teach very little in LES as it was the end of the year, and was excited to be a part of the Eureka science exhibition where I mentored two projects. Subsequently, I embarked on a new project on robotics, an initiative by Dwengo, and funded by Google, that accepted interested volunteers from LES including myself. My past experience and passion towards electronics make my services apt for the robotics team, which is Yantra.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?
I never thought that volunteering would be so exciting. I was under the misconception that volunteering corresponded to making sacrifices for one’s satisfaction. Post my experiences as a volunteer, my perception of volunteering drastically changed, and I came to realize that it was an act of pure bliss, and not of sacrifice. I was trained by Ms. Baish to train fellow volunteers, which made me feel more responsible than regular volunteering did. I started empathizing with the kids as well as the volunteers, which truly helped me make mature decisions in life. With regards to personality development, I, an instinctively reticent person, was morphed into being highly sociable and extroverted.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian.
It is really tough to pin down just one incident. Life as a Bhumian is, in itself, ONE BIG incident, which includes teaching naughty kids, striving hard to bring up the disinterested ones, and dealing with the curious ones. With regards to the volunteers, I have had immense fun touring the city, devouring street-food, with ten of us squabbling over one Dosa being the most hilarious incident.

Tell us about one Bhumian, who you think is a very good inspiration for you
I do not wish to pin point, as I believe that every volunteer joins hands with Bhumi with the intention of initiating a change today which would in turn lead to a better tomorrow. Hence, each and every volunteer is an inspiration to me. But to be specific with regards to the question, I would say that I was inspired by three Bhumians. They are none other than the founders of Bhumi – Mr. Ayyanar E, Mr. Hari Sankar, and Dr.Prahalathan – who persevered to bring about the much needed change to society.

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?
Being with kids is always special, and is even more special when we behold the achievements of kids trained and nurtured by us. The Yantra kids excelling in various competitions have always escalated me to cloud nine. The shared elation of the volunteers during such occasions shall always remain special to me.

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi?
“Happiness is real only when shared”. I believe that volunteering gives you salvation similar to meditation. I also advise my fellow volunteers to live their life to the fullest.

#BHUMILENS – Photo Story Contest

What does volunteering with Bhumi mean to you?

Capture your emotions as one photo OR a photo-story in the form of a collage of four original photos! Remember: these photos must reflect Bhumi’s work, and your association with the organisation.

Send in your entries by March 6, 2016

Bhumi Lens – Contest Rules

  • Photos can be taken through any digital Camera or through a Mobile phone
  • Images should be in .jpeg format only with a minimum resolution of at least 5 megapixels
  • The photographs should not have any borders, logos and watermarks
  • Original size / resolution image should be emailed to with the subject BhumiLens_<Photo Title>
  • The name of the image should also be BhumiLens_<Photo Title>.jpg/jpeg
  • Only one photo should be sent in one email, multiple separate emails can be sent
  • EXIF details of the photographs must also be attached in case of DSLR photos
  • The photographers should warrant to the organizers on the ingenuity in the ownership of the photo and thereby entitle the organizers with the right to future ownership of the same
  • Participants will receive a response with detailed instructions on sharing on social media and tagging Bhumi, the same has to be done to complete the submission
  • The photos will be judged based on the composition, relevance to the theme and creativity.
  • Special prizes will also be given for the photos with the highest engagement in each social media channel
  • The decision of the judges will be final & binding

Seva Sandwich Drive, New Delhi

IMG_0975On a cold winter morning in Delhi, probably one of the coldest in January, 72 individuals clutching bags of bread and vegetables, surrounded by empty cardboard boxes and plastic containers, huddled around in an attempt to transform this cold day into one of the warmest days Delhi would see this winter.

This endeavour, a Seva Sandwich drive, the second undertaking of its kind by Bhumi volunteers. The last time we organized this drive, we prepped and distributed about 700 sandwiches, and ended up receiving twice the number of smiles!

IMG_0976This time we proactively increased the target to 1,000 sandwiches. 72 people, a 1000 sandwiches and limited time – sounded like a good recipe for chaos. Could we successfully organize ourselves and meet our target? The enthusiasm and excitement that rose among us was palpable, but would that be enough?

What is the adage, that too many cooks spoil the broth? Well it seems that this does not apply to sandwiches, because the 72 pair of hands set to work, and in just 2-and-a-half hours we managed to churn out 1300 sandwiches! A surplus 300 sandwiches, and the volunteers were bound in an inexpressible exhilaration.

IMG_1050The atmosphere of fun settled quickly, because the real work was yet to begin. Soon we began distributing the packets of sandwiches, along with dollops of warm wishes and smiles at a nearby slum dwelling/colony and in the heart of this freezing city – Connaught Place, to the cold and hungry people in the streets.

Alas it was end of the day, and dawn to dusk seemed to pass away quickly. Everyone coolly pocketed their payment, the priceless six-figure payment of S-M-I-L-E-S and returned home. Alas all the volunteers were at a joyous peace, having left the city and some of its citizens a little warmer and happier.IMG_1011


Volunteer Den – Niveditta B

NivedittaNiveditta Balachandran is the Project Coordinator of DeStep in Mumbai

A little about yourself (origin, education, past work experiences)
I hail from Chennai, and after completing Biomedical Engineering, I have been pursuing my Masters in Mumbai for the past couple of years. I currently work with Cox and Kings as HR. I have always believed that meeting new people and interacting with them, serves to be the best form of learning.The best we educated people can do is share this outpouring knowledge with others. Besides, I have learnt music and am a table tennis player.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen (including beginning, which project you volunteered for)?
During my graduation, I saw Bhumi volunteers were distributing pamphlets at college as a part of their volunteer engagement drive. Curiosity drove me to explore this opportunity for me to try and be a part of something good, so without any second thoughts, I registered  myself as a volunteer with Bhumi. My first ever encounter with Bhumi was the orientation which was held on June 5, 2011. It was the start to a memorable journey. Initially I was a Speak Out Volunteer with ICCW, Chennai and held this position for a year and a half. Later, after a break, and after moving to Mumbai, I wanted to start the Dance project at Mumbai, and after much efforts identifying centers and finding volunteers, and with the support of my Mumbai Team, the dance project finally kickstarted at Mumbai.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?
Volunteering with Bhumi brought great changes within me.It is one such thing, that helps keep negativity away from your mind. Your perspective gradually tends to broaden when volunteering. It makes you a more idealistic and strong person. These are the changes that developed within me with time and no doubt this positivity was a result of joining Bhumi. Besides, the joy of working as a team, with a common motive  – driving towards something better, is a unique experience in its own. Volunteering is the one thing, I would suggest each and everyone to do in life, at some point of time or the other. It is a wonderful thing that will teach you that sometimes you will be rewarded even without actually receiving rewards.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian.
Every class held was memorable, the fun with kids, the way they imitate my teaching, the various celebrations at the centers,and not to forget the Nakshatra volunteering experiences, have all been memorable. In 2012, for Nakshatra, I was a home specific volunteer. On the way from the home to the venue, I was engaging the kids by singing their favorite songs. The following year, in 2013, the same home had come for Nakshatra, and there was this little girl, who ran up to me and said “ I remember you. You are the one who sang my favorite song in the  bus last year”. These are the moments, that answer it all, for why I chose to volunteer

Tell us about one Bhumian, who you think is a very good inspiration for you.
From the day I have been a part of Bhumi, Doc has been an inspiration to me, and also someone whom I have looked up to for humility, and his achievements at such a young age. Ganapathy is another person, whom I have admired for his knowledge and great insight about things, a bit of which I have happened to see during the days I had worked with him for Icubed.

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?
That time in the year 2013, when the girl remembered me as the one who sang her favorite song, was a magical moment for me.

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi?

To do something towards your society and to bring the change that you wish to see, there is no right time or opportunity, you just have to start practicing and living the change you wish to see. You might not be able to see the fruits of your efforts grow around, but then, it will definitely happen someday. It is more of a responsibility than pride.






Careers: City Manager, Bengaluru

Job Title : Manager, City
Location: Bangalore
Job nature : Permanent Full-time

The applicant should be willing to travel extensively within the city and interact/work with people including volunteers, beneficiaries, centre authorities, colleges, corporate and vendors.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lead and help in the implementation of all the projects across the city
  • Strategise and conduct recruitment campaigns in colleges and corporate comapnies
  • Visit centres and ensure project activities comply with the planned objectives
  • Troubleshoot project related problems, Identify and implement creative solutions
  • Ensure project assessments, data management are done properly and on time, analyse data, identify trends, prepare and share reports
  • Plan and engage volunteers in civic initiatives and partner with other non profits for activities
  • Lead Public relations and Fund raising activities
  • Facilitate and enable volunteers take up leadership roles
  • Represent Bhumi – at events, companies, other organisations for partnerships etc

Preferred Education Qualification / Experience:

  • Work experience – preferred
  • Any graduation and above

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills – English, Kannada
  • Basic computer skills – MS Word & Excel – Essential
  • Project management and problem solving skills
  • Willingness to travel extensively – locally
  • Having a two wheeler – preferable

Other Information:

  • Reporting to: Chief Operating Officer
  • Expected Age: Below 30
  • Scope: Full time, Willing to work flexible hours
  • Remuneration Rs.18,000 to 25,000 p.m
  • Expected Joining Date: Immediate

If you qualify and are interested to take up the role, send in your resume to

All children together – A memorable parting of ways

The 17th of January turned out to be an eventful day for about 50 children of the All Children Together Trust (ACTT), a shelter home situated in south Kolkata near Lake Gardens.

2Recently, due to unfortunate circumstances, ACTT announced that the home will be shut down because of lack of funds. This meant that the children will be segregated and shifted to different shelter homes as per availability. A group of Bhumi volunteers of the Kolkata took up the initiative to plan an activity for the children so that they could have one wonderful evening together before they part ways.

Starting with a sumptuous lunch provided by The Robin Hood Army, the volunteers spent almost four hours to make the day special. Soon after lunch, the music band Transcendental Tunes joined the children and happily played some great music for them.

7As evening approached, the volunteers conducted small activities to engage the children. The kids also played football, cricket, and Dodgeball along with the volunteers. They sweated it out and exhausted themselves, but simultaneously brimming their hearts with joy. The energetic young lads and lasses, now tired but contented, rested to spend the evening subtly, having some interesting conversations with the volunteers.

In the end, the volunteers bid goodbye to the kids with a sense of happiness, that the parting of ways for the kids wouldn’t be uneventful, but rather it would be memorable. With good food, good music, the enthusiasm of the volunteers, and the joyful spirit of the children, it turned out to be an amazing Sunday.