Friends of Bhumi

Become ‘Friend of Bhumi’ by making a financial contribution towards Bhumi’s programmes and its children every month. With a single authorisation, money will be debited from your account every month for a period of your choice through RBI’s Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) and credited to Bhumi’s account.

Download Friends of Bhumi ECS mandate

Looking to donate every month from the USA with 501(C)3 tax exemption?
You can donate through CreditCard via Bhumi’s Global Giving page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)?

  • It is a mode of electronic fund transfer from one bank account to another bank account using the services of the RBI Clearing House. Bhumi uses ECS to debit the accounts of interested members/donors for crediting Bhumi’s account with a small amount every month.
Q 2. Is ECS Safe?

· Yes, Bhumi is an RBI authorised ECS user and the mandate is equivalent to a cheque. All mandates are endorsed by the bank maintaining the donor’s account.

Q.3. What are the advantages for the Donor?

  • Hassle free system – Single authorisation, five minute process
  • Small contribution for an amount of your choice, for a period of your choice
  • Tax exemption under Section 80G for the donated amount.
Q.4. What are the advantages for Bhumi?
  • Easier to co-ordinate– Eliminates the need to go and collect contributions from members/ donors every month
  • Bhumi saves on administrative machinery for collecting the cash / cheques
  • Better financial management & future planning
Q.5. Can the mandate given once be withdrawn or stopped?
  • Yes, for any reason if you want to discontinue your contribution, contact us at before the 1st of the month you want the ECS Debit to be stopped from.
Q.6. What is the minimum contribution? How long can I donate?
  • Any amount of money can be contributed over any period of time of your choice subject to a minimum amount of Rs. 150 and minimum period of one year.