Technology donation programme – Donate your used PC/Laptop/Tablet

Donate your used PC/Laptop/Tablet for Bhumi’s education programmes. Laptops or PCs should be capable of running Windows 7 around which our computer curriculum is designed.

You could also help us connect with your company that might have unused laptops.

Laptop Donation

Minimum Specifications

  • Dual Core or higher processor
  • 1GB RAM

Other Specifications

  • 40 GB HD or upwards
  • OS not essential. (Windows 7 + Office 2007 is what our children learn)
  • Monitor: CRT/LED/LCD, not essential

Requirement Locations: We need over 50 items across these locations immediately

Bengaluru: Laptops
Chennai: PCs, Laptops & Tablet PCs
Coimbatore: Laptops
Pune: Laptops
Trichy: Tablet PCs

You can also donate online to help us purchase new computers.

Contact us for donations or clarifications